Episode 20: And the Rains Came Down

The bushvelt springs to life as the first rains in a long time take hold. It was such a thrill to take part in the festivities! Cameraman: Andrew Taylor Wildlife

Episode 19: Weavers and Bustards

The search for the Pel’s Fishing Owl continues as we begin to explore Mkuze, this episode is a glimpse into the smaller wonders we found along the way! Cameraman: Andrew

Episode 18: Mkuze Monkeys

I’ve set up in Mkuze Game Reserve with the goal of tracking down a Pel’s Fishing Owl, my latest Treasure Bird! However, the Pel’s isn’t the only thing lurking in

Episode 17: Owls and Shipwrecks

The second stage of the Zululand journey begins with a bang! And a crash… And a flop and a splash as I get tossed around the country and dumped on