Episode 16: My Day Off

One of these days I’ll catch a break… Today is not that day! A rare bird from Central Africa pitches up in Pongola, 100km back where we had just come

Ghillie Suit: How To

My biggest success in photography equipment and favorite to use, the Ghillie Suit! Just a summary on how to make your own should you wish to get closer to those

The Hunt For The Finfoot

Having criss-crossed Zululand on the hunt for the African Finfoot with no success, the search comes to an end… I don the Ghillie Suit for it’s first camo trial run

Adventure in LR9

Rory and I were given the keys to one of the Ibandla Game Viewers… It seemed like a good idea at the time. Music Cred: Royalty Free Music – Dirt

Man Tracker

Combating Rhino poaching is a top priority, and the Man-Tracking course is another weapon in our arsenal to do just that. Join myself, the Bhejane team and Tracker Dog; Annie,