Episode 10: Two Treasures

Venturing into the coastal forests of St. Lucia, we stumble across a stretch of jungle-lined road swamped with treasure… Feathered treasure! Cameramen: Andrew Taylor and Cameron Thompson Music Cred: ♩♫

Episode 9: Limping to St Lucia: Part 2

While scouring the lagoon for a bird with red feet, our camp was in peril! An onslaught of Monkeys and Mongooses had made themselves at home, but did we at

Episode 8: Limping to St. Lucia Pt1

A spanner in the works and a leak in the Landy! Our big attempt to find the Finfoot gets thrown off course by faulty fuel tanks and frightened Francolin… Cameramen:

Episode 7: Day in Camp Part 2

A journey into the night begins… Our mission? Anything that creeps, crawls and most likely, bites! Cameraman: Cameron Thompson Music Cred: Royalty Free World Music – Ethnic Warmth by WorldMusicTrax,

Episode 6: Day in Camp – Part 1

Exhausted, I return to camp, putting the search for the African Finfoot on hold we turn our attention to the wildlife of Bhejane’s main camp and brush up on some