Episode 5: The Hunt for the African Finfoot

One of Zululand's most elusive birds has been prowling the northern water ways, picking out frogs and grasshoppers, driving birders nuts in the process. The African Finfoot is little more than a myth, and I've set out to catch this ghost on film!

Episode 4: Bhejane

I've finally reached home base! Bhejane Nature Training, the bush school in the forest, my home away from home and base of operations for the coming adventure, there will be chaos and plenty of critters, the perfect mix!

Episode 3: Trogon Tails

A haunting call echoes from the forest... One of Africa's most beautiful birds, the Narina Trogon, emerges from the canopy. Another Treasure Bird down! The hunt has only just begun...

Episode 2: Broadbill Bonanza

Delving inland I stumble across a rare, elusive treasure, a secretive bird with a quirky attitude!